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NovaFlex Hose, Ducts & Couplings

BPH Pump is now an authorized representative of NovaFlex products and offers the following industrial rubber hose, ducts and couplings:

Industrial Rubber Products - Industrial Hoses

BPH Pumps offers a complete line of material handling, petroleum, food grade, chemical and mining hoses, expansion joints and connectors. These are available with custom end configurations from built-in lined flanges to beaded ends. All products are available in a complete range of tube compounds and gauges for added resistance to abrasion, heat and corrosive conditions.

industrial rubber hose image

View our complete line and details of industrial rubber products here. PDF
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Flexible Ducts

BPH Pumps provides the broadest range available of flexible ducting products, designed to meet the most demanding applications, including ultra-high temperature fume control up to 1800ºF, chemical fume control, diesel exhaust and abrasive material handling. Also, extruded thermo-plastic duct and hose products for material handling, clean room environments, fume control, welding, exhaust, agriculture, cable conduit and custom OEM applications. Using advanced plastics technology, for superior flexibility, high temperature, chemical and abrasion resistance.


View our complete line and details of flexible ducting products here. PDF
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Dry Break Couplings

Todo-Matic Dry Break couplings offer industry leading valve technology for the safe transfer of hazardous chemicals. Todo-Matic couplings are operator friendly and can be engaged with a simple rotation without external locks, levers, buttons or cam ears. Coupling design allows for on-site replacement of seals. They are equipped with an integral swivel to prevent hose fatigue and facilitate coupling orientation. Products are available in aluminum, brass, stainless steel and hasteloy, in diameters from 3/4” to 6”.

coupler couplings

View our complete line and details of dry-break coupling products here PDF.
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View the Chemical Resistance Charts for Composite Hose PDF and Rubber Hose PDF.